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"Solution-ist" = One who "connects," "joins," and "links"

Ever since we started out as a press manufacturer in 1964, we have gradually shifted operations to the processing of pipes for transportation equipment components including vaporizers, fuel systems, and cooling systems.

In addition to creating a passage for fuel, gas, and water to flow, pipes also serve as a "link" that connects one thing with another.

The words "connect," "join," and "link" do not merely describe the functions of technologies we provide. I believe they also describe the essence of what we do, that is, to create new concepts and products by "connecting" different worlds governed by different assumptions and responding to the various needs of customers.

Metal molds and equipment that "link" advanced skills and the latest knowledge represent "links" connecting humans and machines. The capacity for generating ideas and putting those ideas into action by "linking" the skills and knowledge of our staff is at the core of our strength and a source of our competitive power.

I believe that to identify the seeds and realize the needs of our customers and to provide products that truly satisfy our customers are our mission, and also how we can demonstrate our value.

We will carry on our founding spirit of taking on new challenges to continue to be a company that is trusted by our customers and meets their expectations.
Keep an eye on us as we continue to deliver on our commitments as a "Solution-ist."

Shinji Ogi, Representative Director

OGI Co., Ltd.

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